Perfectly Absurd

I recently read the play The Importance of Being Earnest and today I watched one of the movie interpretations of it. The conversations and conflicts in this play are hilarious, it’s perfectly absurd! (they say that a lot).

Even though it was a beautiful day, I’m on the home stretch with school.

My final nutrition exam is on Thursday and I have a little over a week in my English class. If you’re new to the blog, first of all, HI! so glad you stopped by. Secondly the story is that I’m slowly but surely upgrading some of my grade 12 courses because my High School days when I considered homework and studying optional have come back to bite me and I’m re-doing some courses to take my grades to mediocre to marvelous so that I can apply to the programs at the University of my choice one of these days. If there are any high school readers out there, quit reading blogs and go do your homework! It will save you so much time and frustration in the future. Any who, I finished an essay and was half way done another one, but my Mac decided to eat it for lunch, and so, I made a little something for myself.

Lunch: baked potato with greek yogurt, hummus and salsa, and sautéed zucchini with chickpeas

Completely random. PERFECTLY ABSURD. But it hit the spot.

Study snack

chopped orange sprinkled with almonds and flax

Salad Beast for dinner:

Romaine, tomato, apple, quinoa, chickpeas, pickles, walnuts, hummus, feta. It worked.

I went to a yoga class after dinner that was led by one of my favorite teachers. Her classes are always so unconventional and she says the most thought-provoking things throughout. I floated home on my post-yoga cloud and I am so ready for bed, I’ve been getting around 6 hours of sleep the last few nights and I’m exhausted! How on earth do people sleep so little? Why, it’s perfectly absurd!


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