The New Happy Hour

Forget after work drinks, how about after work STAIRS

My friend Brittany and I met up earlier this week after a long work day to get drunk on endorphins weeeeeeeeEeeeeee

I ran from work to meet Brittany at Eau Clare Market, and we walked to find a set of stairs

Ran up and down and up and down. So. Much. Fun!

I’m so glad I have a few fitness-minded friends who I can sweat with. Good playdate!

Dinner was inspired by Amanda, do you read her blog? You definitely should. She’s smart, witty, eloquent and is the mastermind behind this concoction

Brown rice tortilla with pumpkin, hummus and dijon mustard sauce, topped with olives, broccoli, cranberries and extra sharp cheddar.

Get. In. My. Belly.

I’m so very tired from this week, I’m curling up and finding a cheesy chick-flick to fry my brain cells with.


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