Please Sir, More Gruel…

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is… prison.

Doesn’t this look like gruel !?

Well it was absolutely delightful. Granted, I needed to spice it up with some lime juice and mango chutney from the depths of my fridge (this stuff never goes bad, it’s >50% salt) but so nice for a quick bite after yoga. The nice folks at Amy’s Organics sent me some coupons for any free product and Paneer it was!

I have a friend named Puneet and I always want to call him Paneer. Moving on, I ate this with a slice of bread because the entrée itself is less than 250 calories and I’m a growing girl!

The real reason I’m so behind on posting is summer school!

Two years after my high school graduation, I’m taking HIGHSCHOOL Chemistry. It’s the only class I didn’t take in grade 12 and I remember convincing my dad to let me drop it (so that I could have three spares, art, English and gym as my final high school semester #lazy)

“Come ON, Dad, there is no point in me suffering through it, there’s no way I’ll go into ANYTHING scientific when I grow up.”

Says the girl who now wants her BSc. d’oh.

It’s actually not 100% necessary BUT this is my last chance to take a highschool course for 60 dollars, because I’m still 19, as soon as I turn 20, it will be over $500! Plus I only work two days a week and I don’t do days off very well, SO back to school for some brain stimulation.

It’s extremely fast paced: An entire semester smushed into a month. But dare I say I’m enjoying myself? Actually being challenged in an academic setting… I hate to come off as a smarty-pants-know-it-all but the nutrition course I just finished didn’t challenge me at. all. I easily got my 4.0 plus I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that were taught *cough* Canada’s Food Guide *cough*

Anyways. I get a sick thrill out of solving disgustingly long equations and crossing out units and writing lab reports, so this is going to be a goooood month. Challenging, but good.

recent feasting…

Swiss chard wraps: stuffed with salmon mixed with hummus, wild rice medley and veggies

Shrimp Rolls: Rice paper stuffed with carrot ribbons, poached shrimp and cilantro with peanut dipping sauce: peanut butter+liquid aminos+garlic+ginger+siracha

Wasa crackers(love their cardboardy-ness!) with black beans, cilantro and cheeeese

fruit and veg juices

kale and brie tortilla pizza

kale and egg scramble with chickpeas and mmm sauce

red snapper ceviche: slice fish thinly, toss with sliced cucumber, tomatoes, 1/4 c. lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro. the acidity of the lime cooks the fish, so refreshing after a long, hot hike this weekend! (ok, actually it was after an ice cream cone on the way home from said hike) but still SO good.

I’m off to find a movie to watch before heading to bed, Nacho Libre sounds so appealing for some reason


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