For 10 days a year Calgary is swarmed with cowboy hats, pancake breakfasts and slutty cow girls. It’s stampede week y’all!

I’ve skipped the festivities for the last two years but tonight my friends and I pulled on our cow girl boots and headed to the rodeo (not really, that’s cruel). The Stampede is a 10 day fair with lots of rides, beer and everything you can imagine deep-fried on a stick.

This morning started with yogurt, oats, banana, chocolate chips and peanut butter. I’ve developed this wonderful habit of putting chocolate chips on EVERYTHING

plus my cuppa tea.

Juice is nice but tea will always be my number one breakfast beverage.

I went to work for the day and afterwards, grabbed a smoked salmon crepe on my way to my friend Jamie’s house.

we skimped on the rides, only went on one! the Drop of Doooooom

but made up for it in beverages

The stampede will always be terrible but I have so much fun with these people =)


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