Yoga Storm

After class today, I met up with my good friend Shifrah for sushi! Read her blog, you’ll love her as much as I do. We went to school together for ONE year in the 10th grade and have thankfully kept in touch, she’s one of my forever friends =)

We went to Globe Fish and I ordered a Vancouver Roll: Tuna, Salmon, Mango and cucumber instead of avocado. I love sushi but it makes me sad that my meal is over in 6 humungo bites

Miss Shifrah had Udon noodles and tempura


We shopped around for a bit and then my sweet tooth started itching, so I stifled my sweet craving with a peice of gum.


We went to Spoon me.

I’m usually all about the natural flavour with fruit and nuts but today I went ALL. OUT. and loaded up on chocolate and vanilla, sprinkles, oreo crumbles, toffee things, coconut, chocolate, peanuts and a caramel drizzle. Helluva buzz!

Oh, and a blackberry, because this is a healthy-lifestyle-kinda-sorta blog 😉

After we parted ways, I went to a yoga class taught by one of my favorite teachers (actually, I really adore all of the teachers at the Yoga Passage.) I knew that class was going to be good but this one left me weak in the knees and smiling until my face hurt. We practised in a silent, dark room with only a couple of candles lit, while a thunderstorm raged on outside. It was glorrrrious.

I’m going to read over my notes from class today and try to get into bed before 12 tonight!

Here’s some reading for you!

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