Dress Up

Breakfast is so much more fun to eat when it’s beautiful, no?

Toast, smashed banana, peanut butter, raspberry jam, crunchy buckwheat granola, chocolate chips

The best part of summer school being finished is having my lazy mornings back.Today I was up at 6:30, and ate breakfast in a leisurely manner while catching up with The Glee Project -who’s everyone routing for? I honestly don’t have any favorites in the competition.

A few hours later, I went to my first ever spin class which involves zero twirling around in circles. Imagine my surprise.

I meandered home, showered, snacked, cleaned, looked at the time and it wasn’t even noon! Thank goodness I had work today, I would have gone positively mental.

Since I had hours and hours to spare before going to work, I decided to rummage through my clothes and put together a working-girl outfit.  I’m ashamed to admit that on several occasions, I’ve pulled on the same Lululemon Wunder Unders from yoga the night before, thrown on a flowy top and pretty shoes and called it an outfit. Today, however…


My ‘style‘ varies from day-to-day. I love it all and try it all. I don’t pay much attention to whether ‘the look’ is made for women a foot taller than me, or is meant for straight hips and flat chests. Clothes are a fun way to play and express yoursel. Also, I’m a closet shoe addict. If you catch me looking intensely at my computer with a look of concentration and anxiety on my face, I’m most likely browsing the Steve Madden website and trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to fit the platform-open-toed-sparkly ones into my budget. I also go on semi-annual shopping binges at the thrift store down the street from work. But I’ll just write it off as a healthy indulgence because it makes me feel good about myself, if only for a little while. Besides, I’d be distraught if I ran into The Sartorialist in sweaty yoga pants and a flowy top.


One thought on “Dress Up

  1. UHM LOVE THE OUTFIT, and it’s crazy coincidence…but I also worry about running into the Sartorialist during a bad day! hahahaha!

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