Freedom from Freedom

Not even a week into total-summer-vacation-freedom I am bored out of my mind. There are just too many hours in a day. (I’m aware that there are people reading this right now who want to throw things at me) aside from spending hours and hours on end on stumbleupon, I’ve just been praying for something anything to entertain me. As fate would have it, it seems that I’ll be picking up a bunch more hours at work for the rest of the month! When I found out I litterally looked to the heavens and mouthed ‘thank you’ I could not do another three weeks of this insanity!

The day only got better from that point!

~*~*~*~*~New friends~*~*~*~*~

Yes, I have a problem, no, I don’t want your help.

THRIFT STORE FIND! $25 + 25% off. I couldn’t not.

I finished the day with a Skype date with bff Preeya that went WAY past my bed time

I miss my frrriiiiieeendd

This morning my stomach woke me up before my alarm clock could. It was a grey and gloomy morning and I whipped up a decadent bowl of oatmeal

Inside: Oats, banana, cherries, cocoa powder, chia seeds, soymilk Outside: coconut butter, cocao bliss, chocolate chips


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