The Time I Turned 20


This past weekend was my 20th birthdaY! I booked off work, karma cleaning and any other responsibilities so that I could drink a lot of things and hang out with my peeps. It was an EXTREMELY fun weekend, I woke up early, went to yoga, and later in the afternoon we had a bbQ at my house. Once everyone was sufficiently full of pita chips and MEAT, we hit the town, dancing with strangers and wandering around in our high heels. Even though we woke up in pain the next day, my friend and I headed to the mall where I spent my birthday gift cards (Forever 21 and William Sonoma (my Disney Land) THANK YOU !! I came home with new accessories and a food processor! Finally! I’ll have to get used to no being a teenager anymore (read: I can’t use that as an excuse for things anymore) and even though this isn’t where I THOUGHT I would be when I was 20 (living in a tiny apartment in Florence running a fruit stand… one day) I’m probably exactly where I should be. 20 down, 80 to go! Let’s hope Global Warming doesn’t get me before I turn 100!





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