My Cup of Tea

I could never maintain a diary as a little girl because I was self-conscious of my messy hand writing. I did, however, want to document the exciting happenings of my life, and trust me, I was a fascinating child. Thanks to modern technology, I’ve found a way to record the exciting parts of my life, without having to worry about my messy writing.

I started this blog as The Student Kitchen: a blog about the health savvy nutrition student who shopped on a budget and maintained a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with the demands of school.

But what if school wasn’t very demanding and my parents still pay for my groceries… The name made no sense, it wasn’t me.

So, one evening, I came home from a particularly inspiring yoga practice, and stayed up into the wee hours of the night flipping through the archives of Smitten Kitchen thinking:

Boy, I love yoga. Boy, I love food. These are the two things that DEFINE ME and I should dedicate my blog to them

And so, Sweet Ohm Cooking was born.

I blogged on, posting recipes, rants, adventures and so on, but I had this nagging voice in the back of my head. It kept telling me that if I were to stumble upon my little corner of the blogosphere, I would wonder why on earth this blog was called Sweet Ohm Cooking. It’s not all about cooking, and it’s not all about yoga. And I don’t connect with it, and I still feel a little weird in yoga classes when the teacher tells me to join him or her in ‘three beautiful ohms’ at the end of practice. There, I said it. The name made no sense, it wasn’t me.

Recently my blog has been experiencing a bit of an identity crisis. Every time I would hit publish on a post, she would stare at me through the computer screen screaming WHO AM I !?

I wish I knew, girl, I wish I knew.

I guess the ‘rule’ to having a successful blog is to maintain something consistent that has a certain theme or something that your readers can come to expect. Well, if there is one thing I am consistent at, it is inconsistency! I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m always changing, and that’s kind of exciting. If I’m always changing, and the blog is a place that I use to write about my life, then, inevitably, the blog will always be changing.

HOWEVER. I would like to keep that strictly to CONTENT and not the actual NAME of the blog. What kind of mother will I be? I’ll name my child, get sick of the name in a few months, tell people I don’t connect with it anymore, and change the kids name several times before child services takes it away from me (did I really just call my future child an it?)

So with that said, I promise, this is the last time!

Welcome to my living blog: My Cup of Tea. Not a food blog, or a yoga blog, not a fashion, rants, fitness or nutrition blog. Just a blog about a few of my favorite things

August 26th was the blog’s first birthday, and so I decided as a gift, I would give her the new name that she desired and a complete make over

Why the name?


cup of tea

1.    Something that one excels in or enjoys

Exactly what I want to write about.

As for the make over, the site also received a complete over haul! It took many hours of frustration, many bowls of ice-cream and many head stands to allow some blood to rush into my head after HOURS in front of the computer, but I’m proud of what I have come up with.

Click around! I have updated all of the pages and even added a few new ones. I’m excited about the direction that this blog is heading, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the show!


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