Fashion/ Social Faux Pas

Fashion Rule #35748947

No White after Labor Day, meaning this is my last chance to talk about these jeans!

love white jeans! I was on a mission all summer to find a pair that I loved. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a pair that spoke to me.

That is, until I was wandering around Winners one day, and when I headed to the fitting room to try on a cute skirt that I found, I saw them: White Hudson’s for $70 – reduced from $120, in my size, just hanging there in. my. face.

I went to grab them but the fitting room attendant held me back


alright, lady, relax. But they’re perrrrffffeeecccctttt and I waaaannnttt themmmm

I found out which lady it was who had those jeans set aside and stalked her for half an hour. She finally tried them on and wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t work out for her! I snatched them out of the fitting room associates hand faster than you can say socially unacceptable and scurried into the fitting room

Jeans: Hudson’s Via Winners
Top: Le Chateau
Shoes: Stolen borrowed from my cousin


3 thoughts on “Fashion/ Social Faux Pas

    • I wouldn’t have known of their amazing-ness if it wasn’t for you!
      We had a sleep over once and you told me to try on a pair that you just got and they slid on like buttah
      I’m so happy I’m finally a mama of my own pair ❤

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