Girl meets Grill

So, what I don’t get is how people can be so incredibly passionate about barbecue

Last night, I was thrown into manning the grill head first. On the menu was grilled chicken and zucchini with roasted potatoes

I was flustered, hungry and am now sporting third degree burns all over my hands.

I swore out loud several times. My voice even echoed once.

At least the food was delicious, I took bites between silent sobs while icing my hands.

Meat is back in my life, I have a post about that in the works

Enjoyed it with some home-made iced tea: peach berry bellini flavour

and I did a little baking, using this recipe, I made chocolate peanut butter cookies. We were out of chocolate chips but had some Reeses cups lying around so I chopped those up and sprinkled them on top before baking. YUM

I just got back from an early morning run and now I’m going shopping with my parents. This never happens, hopefully they’ll buy me things!


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