Well that week went by quickly, didn’t it? I took a double take at my calendar when it said Friday at me. crazy talk, Mr. Calendar!

First on the menu was yoga, I left a puddle of sweat behind and it wasn’t even a hot class !? It was taught by the incredible Gord at the Yoga Passage. Hovering planks, looonnng pigeons and many a wise word. He’s my fave. Now that my work schedule has changed a bit, I won’t be able to make it to my usual Tuesday evening hot class with him, but I’ll be sure to make it to his Friday Ashtanga at 9:30 from now on! This class left me with a dopey smile for the whole day.

finally got my hair did


Pepper got a new ‘do as well

Sassy Pants.

Play Work was fantastic as usual, don’t expect that to change, the worst part of my job is packing peanuts so I’m not complaining. We got in some beautiful new scarves.. or shawls? I don’t know! I’m not a scarf/ shawl person and even I  was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over them. Maybe I brought one home with me, maybe I’ll show you tomorrow, maybe it’ll be a fashion post. maybe.

30 second dinner!

Scrambled eggs with curry powder in a wrap, plus half a Costco-sized container of blueberries.

I’m really craving some time in the kitchen this weekend to make something time consuming, what should I make ?
I just spent an hour on the phone harassing U.P.S. and asking WHY the pair of shoes that I ordered last month while half asleep (seriously, I thought it was a dream until I got my receipt in my email inbox) have not made it to my feet yet! One hilarious hour later, we realized that the shoes were sent via Canada Post. D’oh. I finally tracked them down and they will be one with my feet by tomorrow evening. YES.


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