Sleepless Summer Nights

What I won’t miss about summer: Summer Nights.

Bonfires and sitting under the stars are fine and dandy, not that I did any of that this summer… next year!

I’m talking about tossing and turning and moaning and groaning, flipping the pillow over to the cooler side only to find that there is no cooler side. Strange heat-induced dreams, night-time thirst, night sweats, dry lips from having the fan in my face, noisy shutters swaying and smacking because the windows are open, because they need to be open. Too hot to sleep with a blanket, but I can’t sleep without a blanket !! Mini, half-asleep tantrums: I WANT. TO SLEEP!

I’m tired. Hot summer nights are impossible to sleep through! In fact, the only quality sleep I’ve had recently has been on the train to and from work!

Came home hungry, as usual

Greek Nachos!

Pita bread, ripped up and baked. Drizzled with thinned out hummus and sprinkled with feta, tomato and shredded lettuceĀ 

Here’s the scarf/ shawl I was all googley eyed about yesterday

Arabian niiiiiiiiiights


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