Sleep Shopper

 I saw these shoes at Stone Ridge the day after my birthday. My friend Natradee and I woke up with nasty hang overs, each ate a cinnamon bun the size of our faces and went to the mall to cash in the gift certificates that I received for my birthday.

She goes to school in Vancouver so she was on the look out for some cute Hunters, since it’s raining most of the time in Van City. I’m open to shoes of any kind… so I happily stopped into every shoe store with her to make some new friends (for my feet)

I saw these and fell. in. love. But, they didn’t have my exact size, so when I finished trying to convince myself that I could  lose a couple of pounds off of my feet and squeeze into the size six, I grudgingly put them back onto the shelf and dragged my (perfect the way they are) feet all the way home.

Two nights later, I was up way past my bed time fooling around on the computer and I guess I found my way onto ebay and apparently I found these exact shoes that I fell in love with for an awesome price in my size. So I bought them.

I say ‘I guess’ and ‘apparently’  because when I woke up the next morning I thought it was all a wonderful dream. Until I received an email from the seller with the receipt attached telling me my shoes were on my way. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!

Skirt: Winners clearance wrack Shirt: Old Navy

Ring: Forever 21 Shoes: Ebay, apparently.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Shopper

  1. I wish I could wear shoes like that.
    Sadly I can not because my toes are barely there and well you know.. together.. you know lolll

  2. HEYYY
    I’m so glad u have a blog haha. I love reading through it and being reminded of you =).
    You healthy yogi you!
    missshhh yoooou!

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