Dizzy from spin this morning

Actually, I’m talking about the less fun (but still kind of fun) exercise class that takes place on a stationary bicycle. Butt, Quads, Lungs. Ow.

I was foam rolling after class and got to talking to another lady. I think I said something along the lines of “The only reason I got a gym membership was so that I could have access to a foam roller” I was kidding. I like to think I’m funny sometimes. The lady didn’t get it so she gave me a puzzled look and asked:

How much do you pay for this membership?
To which I replied: 50ish a month?
so she said: you know, I’ll bet a foam roller costs about that much money… and you’d only have to pay for it once.


Also dizzy from the rest of my whirrrrrrlwind of a day. This rarely happens, but it was really a ‘furrowed brow, scream into a pillow when there are no customers in the store’ kind of day at work today. I had to force myself at some points to be high-pitched and perky! Thank goodness I get a brand new day tomorrow!

Came home for comfort

Chicken Soup for the Soul and PB&J


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