Much Kneaded

Hi there! Hope everyone had a nice Saturday.

Today is my day off but somehow, I still found myself at work for a massage (I work at a Naturopathic clinic that offers Holistic Nutrition, counselling and Massage Therapy + sells eco-friendly, fair-trade and organic products)

My friend/ coworker Juliana is the fiercest massage therapist and her massages crush my soul. She is crazy strong for such a sweet heart.

It was her birthday this past week so we went to sushi after she kneaded all the crunchy bits out of my back

I got my one and only – Vancouver roll: tuna, salmon, cucumber, mango and gobs of wasabi.

Obligatory awkward mouthful photos:

We split an apple spice cupcake with caramel butter cream from Crave afterward

I spent the rest of the day wandering around the mall and now I’m curling up in my jammys infront of the (electric) fireplace with a cup of tea and catching up with Jersey Shore

Get Down, Get Deeper and Down, Get Down, Get Deeper and Down, Saturday Night.


3 thoughts on “Much Kneaded

  1. Another month. Another year.
    Another smile another tear.
    Another winter and another summer too
    But there can never be another you.

    Thank you for the amazing time that we spent together!!!!!

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