FML: Fantastic, My Life

I understand temporary moments of weakness, but people who are constantly whining and complaining about something or other drive. me. nuts.

If you ever see me say FML (mom, that means ‘f*** my life’) I’d completely understand if you never came back to read again. There’s so much to be grateful for, I hate to see anyone allow petty things to bring them down

I find there’s usually a bright side, and even when things look really bad, it can’t hurt to think positively.

I had hot plans for Bikram yoga this morning, unfortunately the schedule changed and I was 15 minutes too late for class. On the bright side, I had the opportunity to browse around the goodwill store next door to the yoga studio and found this beautiful antique lamp for six bucks.

I love lamp.

The bus driver on my way to work was incredibly rude and seemed like he hated life. It was rather shocking. But it made me pretty grateful that I have a job that I love that doesn’t cause me to treat customers like insects. Hairy, slimy insects with twenty-six eyeballs.

I made the mistake of wearing my leather boots to work today because I was under the impression that, I don’t know, it’s FALL. My feet were uncomfortable and hot all day and even though I work with a bunch of hippies, I think that taking the boots off to air my stinky feet out would still have been a bit much. Bright side, my boots are beautiful.

I know, these are all tiny, tiny issues, but that’s the point! Too often I see people complaining about everything that comes in their way but it’s so important not to sweat the small stuff. Positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative. So if you’re an ‘FML’-er, do your best to find the brighter side instead of whine, whine, whine…


and Dine

Tangent over. I made an eggplant parmesan inspired dish for dinner: Super easy! Rubbed the eggplant with garlic infused olive oil and baked them with onion slices for 45 minutes at 375. Layered the eggplant in a casserole with organic marinara from a jar and sprinkled with whole-wheat bread crumbs, cheese and olive oil. Baked again for 30 minutes at 375. Along side I had spaghetti with my mom’s special sauce and green stuff.

I made the bulk of this dinner before I left for Bikram (back when I thought I was going to yoga…) and simply called my dad on my way home from work to pop it in the oven. There’s no way I could wait more than half an hour after I get home for food! I can barely wait 30 seconds.

Have a beautiful night!


2 thoughts on “FML: Fantastic, My Life

  1. Food looks tasty as always! 🙂 And Nice boots! 🙂 They don’t make boots for guys apparently 😦 Guys only need shoes that go up to their ankles, even if the snow’s up to their knees apparently, but girls get boots up to their thighs if they want! (although that high up would be questionable imho) haha

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