Beware of Yorkies

OOf. Fun spontaneous outing last night

Unfortunately, my phone didn’t survive the shenanigans

My brother works at a club down town a couple of nights a week so does his best friend. His best friends girl friend is my good friend and her sister is Brittany so we all went out to play last night! (Girls played, the boys had to work)

We met some funny boys from Yorkshire! They had the best Breee-teesh accents and because I had some giggle water in my system I was repeating everything that they were saying with an elaborate and borderline offensive accent.

In true tipsy fashion, we posed for pictures with the strangers! Yorkie came in for a SMOOCH! This is me gracefully dodging it:


4:30 a.m. face plant into bed.

Later that day….

Peanut butter, Crofter’s Jam, Banana, Granola sandwich

I’ve had a nice and lazy day. Going to sweat out the last little bit of last night at 4:10 Hot Yoga then dinner with a friend. SEEyuh.


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