How YOU doin’ !?!?!?

Good day to you!

and you! and you!

Overnight oats, long time no see!

Oats, almond milk, flax, vanilla, salt –all night long, all night- This morning I added banana, dried cranberries and peanut butter

I worked all day but broke at some point for this delicious lunch

Kale, Cauliflour (steamed) quinoa, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, goats cheese + Apple Schmapple

Ten minutes before me and the new trainee at work closed up the store, an obnoxious drunk man stumbled in slurring his words and stopped directly in front of the reception desk with a strange look on his face. All I could think was “please don’t vomit, please don’t vomit” and all of a sudden he burst out “HOW YOU DOIN’ ” like Joey from Friends. My reply: “we’re great, but closed. SORRY BYE HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!” Luckily he left with minimal greif. Awesome first day for the new girl!

I was a little restless after a long day at work so I just took an aimless stroll on my treadmill while watching Kitchen Nighmares.

Eye lids are heavy, but Criminal Minds is on soon! Priorities peeps.


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