Welcome to October

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hi friends! Sorry for falling off the face of the earth this weekend! I was exhausted on Friday, went out Saturday night and lazed around all Sunday long, with the exception of Karma Cleaning at the yoga studio. It was perfect! Also, none of my chores were completed, who needs clean laundry anyway? Go commando! Kidding, kind of.

Welcoming a new week and a new month!

Oats, banana, chopped fig, cinnamon, chia seeds, almond milk, almond butter, walnuts, sucanat

I went to yoga after work, lead by Tracy at the yoga passage. Love his classes, essentially a stand up comedy show + sun salutations

I had exactly ten minutes between getting home from yoga and Gossip Girl starting. Quickest dinner ever!

Hideous and delicious: Eggs with goats cheese and salsa verde, left over potatoes from last Saturday’s steak night, sautéed broccoli

Bed’s a-callin’ NIGHT


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