Workin’ Nine to Nine

Way past my bed time but I had to say hello!

Yum-azing breakfast:

Yogurt, pumpkin, banana, peanut butter and granola. Filled me to the brim!

Went to work #1 and then right away to work #2 (large coffee in between)
Work number two was at the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival here in Calgary. I can’t really call it work because I essentially stood at the front of a line for five hours repeating “would you like a tasting booklet? Make sure to enter your ballot for the door prize, ENJOY!!” But my feet sure do hurt! Got home and did a head stand to return some of that stagnant blood to my brain.

A fantastic perk of working at the festival is a SLEW OF TASTING BALLOTS. I was starrrrving by the time I got my break to wander around the festival. I went with a new friend I made, who thought I was weird for taking pictures of all the food we tried.

Fish Tacos

Crab Cakes

Tandoori Shrimp (really feeling the sea food apparently!)

Butternut squash soup

Pumpkin spice gelato

dark chocolate covered caramel covered in sea salt(!)

I have plans for Body Pump tomorrow morning so I refrained from the vino. I did sip the foam off of this sample of beer but tossed the rest.

I’m working at the festival again tomorrow, so I’ll use up my coupons on wine then

For a twelve-hour work day I feel pretty good! But I had better get to bed so I can up my weights tomorrow at PUMP. Night!


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