Camera-less/ Comatose

Well, I just sat down to blog about my second night at The Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival, only to realize that I left my point and shoot there! D’oh! I’m putting all my faith into hoping a good person found it and turned it in.

Here you would find pictures of a crab cake, chicken satay skewer, rack of lamb, sushi, butter chicken, lamb slider, and gelato. Not surprisingly, that combination of foods do not equal a happy tummy. Some times it’s necessary to compromise your comfort in the name of AMAZING FOOD. The angry noises of my stomach lulled me to sleep and I was out for a good 12 hours fully sumberged in a food coma.

Some how, I got hungry for breakfast after last night’s gourmet binge

Egg – Toast – Green Monster

This is the first time in YEARS that I’ve eaten an egg for breakfast, I’m more of a carby-sweet-nutbuttered breakfast girl.

I was planning on doing nothing for the rest of the day but some how my day was eaten up grocery shopping, making dinner and karma cleaning.

I made my family Shepard’s pie with ground turkey and cheesy mashed potatoes but I wasn’t really feeling it so I had some of the filling on top of a baked sweet potato with nutritional yeast and a pile of roasted green beans

Monday so soon!?


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