Yogi Food

Last Wednesday, I received a phone call from one of my yoga teachers at The Yoga Passage, she said there was an event on Sunday that needed food. She knows of the blog and gave the event coordinator my contact information. Cool, right!?

The event was great, it was a fundraiser to provide scholarships to students of Yoga teacher training programs.

It consisted of two hours of free, meditative dance. While I snapped these photos I felt the same energy in the room that I usually feel after an amazing yoga class. People were beaming and had tears in their eyes at the same time!

I was happy to provide something for the dancers to refuel! Unfortunately my workout from the day before left me all but immobile, so there was no dancing for me.

I really hope this kind of event happens again very soon! I definitely love a good dance-like-no-one-is-waching session.

What, oh what do you feed a bunch of yogis? I put together a healthy, vegetarian menu of finger foods and sweets

Caprese Bites: baby bocconcini – cherry tomatoes – fresh basil

Assorted Wraps

Curried Quinoa: Whole-grain wrap – Quinoa – Carmelized onion – Apple – Rainsins – Curry Powder

Feta-Squash: Whole-grain Wrap – Roasted Butternut Squash – Feta Cheese- Hummus – HOT SAUCE

Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf: Recipe

Raw Chocolate Truffles: Recipe

Granola Bites:Recipe

Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies: Recipe




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