Oh blogger, where art thou?

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, honest, I’ve just been facing some serious technical difficulties. What is going on with the world (wide web)? It takes me hours to put together a simple post and my internet goes into shock each time I try to upload an image. Pain.

Maybe it’s a sign from the guys up in triple-W-land begging telling me to stop. with. the. pictures. of . oatmeal.

While we’re on the subject, how does one spell the word ‘W’? double-you? Double-ewe

Luckily my painful sessions of screaming at my computer to OBEY ME should be over thanks to an hour-long conversation with a friendly internet geek, who I could tell by his tone was appalled at my lack of technical knowledge, and a shiny new router. I need to blog consistently otherwise I start talking to myself. True story.

I’m entering week three of cleansing. I feel pretty dang good. It sucks. Because it proves that certain delicious foods don’t make my stomach happy. ohwellwhatchagunnado? I think that some foods that are eliminated on this cleanse don’t actually have any negative effect on my digestion (caffeine, tomatoes, potatoes) but it’s only a month so I will be sticking with the plan.

After this cleanse is over, I do think that I’ll continue to scale back on wheat, dairy and sugar. More than anything, I think that wheat and dairy contribute to my bloat and blah-feelings. With that said, I will never be 100% gluten, dairy or sugar-free.  I wouldn’t cut any foods out of my diet unless I HAD to.

As far as cravings go, I would really like a coffee (now that there are beautiful white sprinkles on the ground!)  and cheese. Oh, and peanut butter! Not together though. I used to think that I couldn’t go an entire hour day without peanut butter but here I am, fourteen days later.

I’ve learnt that gluten is convenient ie. sandwiches, wraps. I’m aware that gluten-free breads and wraps exist and I do eat them, but I prefer them toasted otherwise they are inedible! Plus they’re pretty nutritionally devoid so I’ve been leaning more towards oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa for my starches of choice.

Finally, I’m eating meat (chicken and turkey) on the regular. I think that this cleanse would be really difficult without!

Cleansing bites:

Brown Rice Pasta with Pumpkin ‘cheese’ Sauce, ground turkey and spinach

Ground turkey with spinach, roasted squash and hummus

Brown Rice Tortilla with almond butter, pumpkin, apple and cinnamon

Overnight Oats – oats, almond milk, flax, banana, strawberry + coconut butter on top

Home made chicken (brown rice)noodle soup + buttered brown rice bread

Banana oats topped with almond butter and a crumbled raw date bar

That’s all, hopefully back to regularly scheduled programing tomorrow!



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