So ends the cleanse

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice little Monday

I had two beefy burgers for breakfast

Well actually they were banana scrambles spiked with cocoa.

Dense, gooey, chocolate pudding rounds. Yum!

I went to work for the day and then to YOGA! I started off with a 50 minute Ashtanga class but the 75 minute on that followed sounded so inviting! So I stayed for a second class.

Such a great end to a Monday and the end of a cleanse!

Yep, today was the last day of cleansing, it has been quite an experience!

Food I missed the most:

Cheese. Hands down.


Tomatoes and green tea, I’m not going to cry myself to sleep over that, though.


Eating a big plate of stir fry and AFTER realizing that my soy sauce had HFCS. What!? Into the trash it went.

Best recipe:

Detox Cereal

Food I don’t want to eat again for a very long time:

Almond Butter and eggs


I’m much less bloated than I was before the cleanse. There are a few occasions when I experienced stomach discomfort but I’m feeling pretty good. No, my digestive issues have not magically resolved themselves, but I have a better awareness of how certain foods make me feel, and I’ll do my best to hold on to that awareness now that I can go back to feasting on yogurt bowls, peanut butter sandwiches and cheesy pasta. All in moderation, of course ; – )

Most of all, I’m looking forward to my cup of tea tomorrow morning and a big, foamy cafe au lait some time this weekend.

Though I’m looking forward to all these foods that I haven’t eaten for the last 28 days, I don’t actually feel the craving for anything. Basically for the past two weeks, after I lost all excitement for this cleanse and just started to focus on finishing what I had started, I’ve been eating to stay alive and not cranky. I didn’t have much fun with my food, which I am completely aware is possible when you are following a restricted diet, but I really just lost inspiration after a while. As a result, my taste buds seem to have forgotten how to party. Gluten-free bread can do that… I’m sure they’ll wake up again as soon as they have their first taste of peanut butter after a month




One thought on “So ends the cleanse

  1. Hi, well done for staying put – 28 days is long. I did a shorter (3 weeks) program at an ashram in India where they cook veggies, rice and dhal without any spices, salt or sugar. It’s meant to help your spiritual practice and make you focus less on the food and more on other things (as you say, food is supposed to keep you alive, not please your palate). But hey, it only made me focus MORE on the food, I couldn’t stop thinking: I cannot eat THAT, it has no taste – I could barely swallow it, but as there wasn’t any other food available, I had to. Needless to say, taste started coming back after about one week, suddenly everything was delicious! After leaving the ashram I couldn’t eat anything outside, it was all too “much” (too spicy, too salty, too much sugar etc). It’s crazy how we condition our taste buds by habit 🙂

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