Driving Miss Daisy

Embarrassing truth: I’m 20 and don’t have my drivers licence. This morning, my dad took me out to practise driving so that I could take my test and not fail over something silly or… kill myself and the exam giver. Examiner? Examinator…

Aside from frequent reminders from my dad to ‘get away from the curb’ and ‘pick up the speed’ <— does driving 60 in a 100 zone really warrant a middle finger? I think I did all right, just a bit of parallel parking practise and I should be good

Driving fuel was a yogurt bowl with granola, banana and peanut butter. Honestly I thought that my stomach would seize up after one full month of avoiding dairy but I felt fine after. Phewf.

The star of the show was obviously my cup of tea. I’ll never take another sip for granted again.

After my dad and I got back from our joy ride, I wanted to get in an at home work out. I did a silly little hodge podge that looked like this:

2 minutes of this BodyRock video. The work out is only 10 minutes long but I am a wimp and burpees are the best/worst thing to happen to man kind.

1 round of this boot camp workout. Again. Wimp.

The 100 work out

 minus the running because I am allergic to running at the moment.

Completely random but it made me super sweaty so I’ll take it. Work out, done.

Though I’m happy to start eating ‘normal’ food again, I do want to continue on with some of the habits that I picked up over the course of the cleanse. If I can eat gluten/dairy/sugar free meals for 28 days, I can apply those ‘rules’ to at least one meal out of the day.

Lunch was curried lentil soup, steamed kale and asparagus, and mary’s crackers. I had the pear and walnuts while I was at work.

When I got home from work, my mom had made a big fat, beefy, cheesy lasagna with salad and garlic bread which I enjoyed with a sip of red wine

I think my mom is happier about this cleanse being over than I am! She felt bad when the dinner she made contained something that I ‘couldn’t‘ eat.

Does anyone else feel that this week is drraaaagggggiiing?


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