Windy City

My Monday started with an amazing bowl of oatmeal

Rolled oats, almond milk, pumpkin, banana, cinnamon

loaded with toppings: granola sprinkles, pumpkin butter, almond butter and butterscotch chips

I was planning on hanging out for a bit before leaving for work and was scrolling through my twitter feed when I spotted several local tweeters complaining about their brutal commute to work.

Yesterday Calgary was hit with a terrible wind storm, downtown was shut down and city workers had to work through the night in order to make the Monday commute more bearable.

Luckily I got the memo early and left for work right away and made it on time.

After work I hit the mall with my friend Brittany to find her a birthday ensemble. FYI, the best activity for a ‘rest from exercise day’ is window shopping in high heels with a 20 pound bag. I think I need a rest day from my rest day!

I just devoured a bowl of asparagus soup for dinner and am ready. for. bed. NIGHT!


2 thoughts on “Windy City

  1. I heard how crazy it was there! I can’t believe they shut down downtown? Have they ever done that before??
    Also, I can’t believe that you’re learning to drive/taking your driving test in the winter!! INSANE.

    • It was madness! They’ve never shut down downtown before that I’m aware of! But there was glass everywhere.
      Hahah i know it’s a little difficult to avoid it though, winter runs for 11.5 months out of the year in Calgary =/

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