The Twins 21st

I just got home from a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Banff with my friends Torrie and Brittany for their 21st birthday

wandering the quiet streets of Banff, napping and sipping on Mexican Hot chocolate by day

Feasting, partying and YOGA by night

Banff Bites

Oatmeal with blueberries, pinches of bran muffin and peanut butter

Huge pancake (that’s what it’s called on the menu) scrambled eggs, salsa

Warm bread and garlic butter

amaaaazing minestrone soup, lots of BEANS

mediterranean chicken salad

Beer that I had three sips of, then donated. Yuck.

Chicken with roasted mediterranean veggies, sweet potato mash, green things

Vegan carrot cake + Gingerbread cupcake

It was so nice to have a few care-free days, back to the craziness that is December, meetcha there!


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