Mid-week Peak

aaaaand another Humpday behind us!

Last night, after work, I stopped by the store to pick up some things for dinner. What’s that thing they say about not shopping while you’re hungry? Totally true, I came home with a container of Kefir.

I’ve heard it described as tangy-er liquidy yogurt. Sounded good for a cereal bowl

Kefir, banana, granola, peanut butter and Crofter’s jam

This bowl was great BUT there was a distinctive taste that immediately shot me back to my grandma and grandpa’s tiny old apartment in the sketchiest area of downtown Calgary. My grandma used to make me white rice drowned with buttermilk and that is exactly what Kefir tastes like. Good as this bowl was, I think I liked the sips I stole straight out of the container best!

Everything about today was wonderful, long talk with my highschool BFF, fat and fluffy snowflakes, Michael Buble Christmas album, making a dent in The Hunger Games, left over enchilada for lunch, hot yoga after work…

To top it all off, my mom made penne with chicken and garlic bread for dinner.

One, last hurah for today, cozying up and watching the new episode of Criminal Minds. Bring on the psychopaths and cereal serial killers!

Week 1 update for my December Yoga Challange tomorrow


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