Hello friends!

Today my yoga studio hosted their fourth annual 108 sun salutations

I was flattered that they asked me to cater, I brought veggie samosas, vegan BLTs, butternut squash + feta wraps, curried lentil dip, black bean dip, and a bunch of other goodies!

The yoga itself was utter bliss, let me tell you, nothing feels better than therapeutic flow after a night hunched over my kitchen table: stuffing and sealing those samosas!

While we’re talking yoga, I thought I’d give you a quick update on my yoga challenge for the month of December! For the most part, I’ve been taking classes at The Yoga Passage. While I was in Banff, I took advantage of the complementary yoga classes offered at Lululemon on Sunday nights. There have been two days so far that I haven’t had time or energy to make it to the studio before or after work, on those days I chill out in childs pose or with my feet up the wall, stand on my head for a bit, breathe… yoga is yoga.

My teachers always say to come back to your mat as if it is your first time: with no expectations or judgement. Practising daily makes me so aware of how my body changes day-to-day and it is extremely apparent of how stress affects my practise and ability to breathe. busy day at work = wandering mind = wobbly tree. As soon as the high-speed blender that is my brain quiets, I am able to find bliss in every minute and every posture of my practise. and if I can’t, that doesn’t make me a bad person.

21 days of December left, but I may just need to carry on with this ‘yoga challenge’ I’m feeling amaazing.

Side notes:

  • all other fitness related activities have fallen by the wayside. December is busy. ‘nough said.
  • Choosing to take childs pose is a sign of awareness, not weakness
  • my shoulders are eternally stiff. my neck is not strong enough to support a shoulder stand.
  • Yoga motivates me to properly groom my feet as I am looking directly at them 80% of the time.



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