The Sunday before Christmas

One more week until Christmas, I’m in heaven.

There’s chocolate and sparkles every where, holiday specials are taking over television, and I think the best part of my day is walking by Holt Renfrew (it’s on my way to The Yoga Passage) because they play THE BEST Christmas music. I often get asked WHY I am so obsessed with Christmas, and I really have no good reason other than it is just… the most wonderful time of the year!?!?

This morning I munched on scrambled eggs and toast while figuring out a game plan for Christmas gifts.

Later, my mom and I went to the Karma class at The Yoga Passage (day 18 of December yoga challenge: done). We used to do this every Sunday and get coffee after, but have fallen out of the habit so it was nice to hang!

All afternoon I was cooped up in my kitchen, making cupcakes for my dad’s office as well as a couple of top-secret holiday gifts(!!!)

A full afternoon of beating and icing and sprinkling and melting and stirring and cleaning and cooking and… prancing around the kitchen belting out Christmas songs can really work up and appetite.

In order to fully enjoy the holiday season without going to bed each night in a sugar coma, my plan is to enjoy ONE festive delight a day. Coffee with a splash of eggnog, Ferrero Rocher, LINDOR TRUFFLES, and let’s not forget the abundance of Christmas cookies around every corner. Today it was a coconut topped mini cupcake. Savoured! Not before a for-real meal though.

Tandoori chicken, pita, raita (yogurt sauce) and spinach. 

I. am. WIPED. have a sparkly week!


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