Feet on the table


It has been a funfunfun couple-a days around here. It is my first week back at school and I am loving every minute. I’ve gotten lost on campus more times than I can count, ran into friends from highschool and consumed copious amounts of coffee, not because I need the energy, because drinking coffee while reading textbooks is what students do, right !!?

I’ve gone through the tedious introduction classes for the  courses that I’ll be taking this semester and I’m ready go. My schedule has me schooling in the morning and working three afternoons a week. Plus yoga/ gym/ cooking/ socializing/ and house work that I have no intention of actually doing.

Nothing too exciting on the food front, although my mom made some delicious coconut-plantain soup last night, which I inhaled a big bowl of after a day of school->work->gym

It’s not winning any beauty awards though…

Since I was a wee-little thing, I’ve had this tendency of propping one foot onto the table while eating.

It’s just more comfortable! I don’t do it all the time, but it just feels right when I do, I need to dig through my old photo albums and find the picture of me as a toddler, in my diaper with one foot on the table chugging a glass of chocolate milk

Off to read some things! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

One thought on “Feet on the table

  1. it’s my 2nd week back in classes and I’m loving them too!! (and in addition, I too am spending way too much money at the college coffee stands. oh well! makes me more productive, right ? 🙂

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