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Hello invisible internet friends! Hope you had a nice week, mine was spent avoiding the outdoors as much as possible due to some seriously brutal weather, like 40 below, brutal; drinking inordinate amounts of blacknbitter (coffee) and reading, reading, reading. Why didn’t anyone tell me that university required so much face-to-book time !?

This past weekend was positively perfection. I stayed out past my bed time to hang out with a friend on Friday night, slept in on Saturday (ok, until 7:30) and proceeded to indulge in a 3 hour yoga binge. 1.5 hours Ashtanga that left my upper body quivering and my hips screaming, followed by 1.5 hours of hot restorative. AAaaaaaah. Sunday morning I went to the gym for an hour of Body Combat and balanced it out by spending the rest of the day on my butt reading the translations of ancient Hindu scriptures. For a class, not exactly my idea of recreational reading. Best thing I made/ ate

Crispy fish and kale chips

The recipe was heavily inspired by the Eat Clean recipe for crispy chicken bites, except I used basa fish. The breading was a mix of ground almonds, flax, oat bran and wheat bran plus some herbs and spices. First I dipped the fish in a mixture of eggwhite and dijon mustard and then into the breading. Then the fish got broiled until cooked through.

30 second breakfasts are necessary

Greek Yogurt, granola, banana, raspberry preserves and peee-nah-bu-dah! <– How I say it in real life

I love the schedule I’ve made for myself. On Mondays either I go to the gym before class, then have a break to study, then go to work OR study in the morning, go to class, go to the gym and then to work. Today was the latter. I’m getting comfortable at the University gym. The sooner I establish myself as the weird girl who does squat jumps, the better.

Such a wonderful feeling to come home after a long day to see a platter of spaghetti just waiting to be attacked.

Settling into an evening of Gossip Girl and Text books (during the commercials, of course)


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