Shades of Brown

Happy Wednesday!

Cereal, it’s what’s for breakfast.

I always hear people complain that one bowl of cereal does nothing to fill them up in the morning. To this I say: whole-grains, fruit and fat! I had a very brown bowl of weetabix and granola clusters, banana slices, cinnamon, dried cranberries almond milk and a big spoon full of almond butter for maximum rib-stickage.

The rest of the day was… well, a day. I have managed to lose my student I.D. after a whopping TWO weeks at the University. Not ideal as I need that card to get into the gym and ride public transit. Forced rest day, I’m sure it’s for the best. The remainder of the day continued on a wonky path but thank goodness for deep breaths and soy-mistos and chats with friends, funny how the little amazing things can so easily cancel out the little annoying things.

Little amazing thing: Grabbing a raw, vegan cookie dough ball only to find that it has attached itself to a friend.

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