Super Weekend

Happy Sunday! Whether you were watching foot ball, working, relaxing or catching up on stuff from the week, I hope it was a good weekend! Mine was a perfect mix of work and play. Saturday started with one of my old favorite breakfasts:

Plain Greek yogurt, banana, chia seeds, raw oats, strawberries topped with crunchy peanut butter and apricot preserves.

I spent the rest of the day studying at Starbucks and taking my usual double dip into the yoga studio. Ashtanga 2 followed by Restorative. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and out to dinner with my friend Shayna.

I started my Sunday kicking and screaming (kickboxing class) came home, showered made lunch inspired by a creation I saw on Jens blog a few days back and made sure to pick up the necessary ingredients when I was at the store yesterday.

Brown rice tortilla (I love the texture) with a scrambled egg, goat brie, apricot preserves and spinach. With carrots, strawberries and persimmon on the side. Good lunch!

After eating, I studied for a few hours, napped, and woke up just as my mom was coming back from yoga. She graciously picked up a coffee for me on her way home.

Am I the only one who needs a snack as soon as she wakes up from a nap?

Being that it was Super Bowl Sunday, dinner was turkey chili with all the fixin’s, salad and blue corn chips

Funnily enough, no one in the house really cares about football, highlights were obviously the Hunger Games movie preview and Madonna’s half time show. For the rest of the game I alternated reading my textbook and watching Toy Story 3.



One thought on “Super Weekend

  1. so glad you like the quesadilla combination. looks awesome. i made chicken tortilla soup last night that looked very similar to your turkey chili. lots of the same toppings! 🙂

    yay for sunday yoga doubles! sounds perfect.

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