Skeletons in the Closet

Monday’s lower body workout and yesterday’s hot yoga class (more warriors than should ever be allowed. Ever.) left me pretty exhausted today. When my alarm went off at 5:51 I decided an extra hour of sleep would be more beneficial than exercise today.

For breakfast I made a big bowl of oats with egg whites. I used to do this all the time and don’t know why I stopped! I put the oats into a dry pot to toast a bit, then add cinnamon, chia seeds, banana slices almond milk, and water. Once almost all the liquid has been absorbed/ evaporated, start pouring in your egg whites about a tablespoon at a time — I just use egg whites from a carton and about 1/4 c. Make sure you are stirring constantly! This makes for a custardy texture vs. scrambled eggs in your oats.

Topped with a little sucanat, trail mix and peanut butter. I took this up to bed to eat and eventually forced myself to get dressed and go to school.

I had been finding myself staring hopelessly into my closet many mornings thinking ‘I have NOTHING to wear’ My first order of business during school’s reading break was to go on a reckless shopping spree (we can all see where my priorities lie) to fill in all the gaps in my closet. My bank account was not happy with me.

Floral Dress: Forever21 Lace Pull over: Thrifted Shoes: Aerosoles

Between school and work I met my friend Jamie and we went to Globefish for lunch. We split some shrimp skewers and each ordered a roll.

I had my usual, the Vancouver Roll with cucumber instead of avocado with brown rice. Plus my weight in pickled ginger.

Happy Humpday indeed!


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