Thursdays are my loooong days.

Class from 8:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. and then right away off to karma cleaning at The Yoga Passage. I usually stick around for the 4:10 class afterwards but I have a midterm tomorrow and really needed the extra time today to start studying review

Rewind to my quickie breakfast of greek yogurt, granola, banana slices, strawberry preserves and peanut butter .

This breakfast will never get old.

Insert hours of lecture + note taking, last-minute readings and several cups of coffee here.

Once I got home from Karma Cleaning I parked it on the couch to get some studying done aaaaand promptly fell asleep. I should have just stayed for yoga! By the end of the evening I was restless so I jumped onto the treadmill for a little incline walking with my flashcards. I may or may not have done my workout in pj pants. Something > Nothing



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