Barefoot Contessa + Tunes

Hey friends!

Since starting back at school and hitting the University gym, I’ve been reminded of how big of a pain it is to carry around everything that I need for the day! Lap top, text books, food AND gym stuff, it gets to be a lot. The biggest and most bulky weight is my running shoes, but I came up with a solution.

Vibrams! I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago and the benefits go FAR beyond the fact that they are light as a feather and I can squish them into the bottom of my backpack

They force you to run on th balls of your feet as opposed to your heels.

When you ‘heel strike’ it puts a lot of pressure on your joints, but running on the balls of your feet encourages proper form and I can feel it! I’m able to run much faster with no pain after my workout. I have, however, been experiencing major soreness in my calves, but that is common (from what I’ve read) and comes with running on the balls of your feet and should subside over time. The good thing is that it’s soreness in my muscles and not my joints. I love these things! They offer so much freedom in my workouts. I’ve worn them to Body Combat and because they are much less bulky than my runners, I feel much more agile. I’m doing jump kicks like a ninja! I wear them weight lifting as well and find it much easier to stabilize myself when doing things like lunges. My favorite use for them, however, is SPRINTS I feel like I’m flying! The only con to the Vibrams is how incredibly dorky they  look, but that’s a small price to pay, they are amazing.

I was on a pretty long running hiatus, and still am in regard to outside running, but I’m having a lot of fun playing on the treadmill (never thought I’d be saying that). Depending on my mood I like quick and dirty interval runs or more steady jogs where I can just zone out. I don’t mind running outside without music but the treadmill NEEDS tunes.

Quick and dirty playlist — I’m super embarrassed to post this but here we go. (click to enlarge)

Yes, I’m experiencing a slight Nicki Minaj obsession, that does not make me a bad person.

For slow and steady jogs I’ve been listening to this playlist (click to enlarge)

I listen to the same playlist over and over again until I never want to hear the songs ever again in my life.

Oh, and FOOD!

I’ve managed to snap a few pictures of some noteworthy meals

Last week, I roasted some green beans and tomatoes with herbs, salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese and steamed brussels sprouts in vegetable broth with salt, pepper, garlic and a drizzle of honey. Served along a two-egg omelette with a sprinkle of cheese.

My mom accidentally bought vanilla greek yogurt as opposed to our usual plain. It was SUPER sweet but I wasn’t about to let it go to waste  so one morning I doctored it up with orange zest, granola and cinnamon it was DE-licious.

Today after my favorite 6:10 hot class at The Yoga Passage I made the quickest dinner ever of sweet potato, wilted spinach mixed with a laughing cow wedge topped with an egg.

It is most definitely past my bed time, G’night!


One thought on “Barefoot Contessa + Tunes

  1. Although I do not run in Vibram’s I have also recently transitioned to the midfoot strike. The initial soreness was pretty intense ha ha. But much like you I have been running with much more joy and significantly less pain. Great post I look forward to reading more.

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