Counting Down

This week has gone by so quickly I don’t know what to do with myself. Just that much closer to the weekend and that much closer to the end of this semester and THAT much closer to my trip to Hawaii! Twenty days and counting!

The other day, I made the rookie mistake of going to the grocery store absolutely famished. I managed to walk out with a block of tofu and a can of organic artichoke hearts. I haven’t had tofu in a very long time, I backed off of it substantially following my kinda-sorta-vegitarian-but-not-really phase. But I really do enjoy it! Particularly raw/plain and dipped in Dijon mustard. What? As for the artichoke hearts, they might be my favorite vegetable but I never have them in my kitchen! I made a big salad with both of my impulse ingredients for dinner last night:

Spinach, tomato, tofu (cooked in balsamic vinegar), artichoke hearts, feta and hummus.

My breakfast involved two creations from Oh She Glows: raw buckwheat porridge with baked apples (slice, toss with maple syrup, cinnamon and coconut oil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes) and ABU (almond butter sauce) plus a sprinkling of granola.

After a long and tiring day of class, lots of reading, karma cleaning and a sweaty Ishta class at The Yoga Passage, I was so happy to be home and burry my face into a big bowl of carb-oh-hydrates!

Annie’s Mac n Cheese, made with cottage cheese instead of milk, mixed with broccoli, roasted tomatos and peas.

Now that my belly has been sufficiently stuffed, I have a presentation on Feminism to finish up


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