Sweaty, Sexy Hair

During the week I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. That means that I spend the entire day sporting a sweaty head of hair (luckily my sweat isn’t stinky, I’ve asked strangers to smell me so I know.) I shower after the gym, but only wash my hair twice a week at most.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are also my work days, so I do make the effort to make myself some what presentable. I wear nice clothes and do my make up  put on chapstick, but a head of frizzy, greasy hair is just not a good look.

Until now!

I’ve been rotating a few different hairstyles that trick people into thinking I’m stylish but really, I’m just a sweaty mess!

Side swept + Cowlick.

Bonus points if you throw in a braid because they’re freaking fancy and make people think you put in a tonne of effort!

High-fashion bun-on-top-of-head

The dirtier your hair is, the better the bun. It makes you look very put together when in reality, you’re just a giant grease ball.

Front Braid

Avoid the sweaty bangs plastered to your forehead look with a simple front braid.

Inverted Ponytail

Take a normal sweaty ponytail to the next level with an inverted ponytail. It’s kind of like flipping over a dirty couch cusion.

And now, DINNER

Broiled Salmon on top of carmelized onion and roasted cauliflower puree with balsamic reduction.

I tried to be fancy with the balsamic reduction but ended up making a mess of my plate. It tasted good anyways.

Final notes:

  • My brother has a bad habit of leaving parishable food out overnight. Two days ago in the morning, I found a half eaten can of sardenes sitting on the kitchen counter so I put it in his shoe. He found it today.
  • Last night, I decided to skip Tuesday night hot yoga in favour of making a good dent in my research paper. Then I proceeded to read blogs for four hours and eat pizza. Then I really felt like doing some yoga, made my way into a bind and my pizza almost came up. That, my friends, is how yoga keeps you thin!
  • The paper shredder at work made me cry today.

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