The weather is on top of me

Sickness! Yesterday I noticed a slight throat tickle and a single plugged nostril. Despite taking several shots of Emergen-C and popping Echinacea like skittles, this morning I woke up freezing but sweaty as well as stiff, sore, and congested. SO UNPLEASANT.

I am grateful that it fell on the weekend though. I took so many naps today.

I actually had no appetite this morning when I woke up which is not like me at all! I drank some coconut water and went back to bed to watch youtube videos for a couple of hours until my stomach eventually growled and I made toast. I’ve been reading Sweet Tater for the past week and her toast breakfasts are right up my alley as I am THE most indecisive person on the planet

Sprouted Wheat toast with:

  • ABU/ pear slices/ almond slivers
  • Peanut butter/ cinnamon toast crunch (don’t you dare judge me)
  • Peanut butter/ banana/ honey
  • Peanut butter/ raspberry jam/ chocolate chips

Lunch was a sludge: Frozen banana, spinach, peanut flour, cocoa powder, chia seeds and almond milk.

Homework time!

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