Down time

We are now in the precious lull between Winter semester exams and the beginning of Spring time courses. This week will be nothing but fun including going back to work. You know you love your job when you find yourself sitting on the beach in Maui, looking into the ocean and declare, “I MISS WORK!”

Hot (Skype) date with Preeya Saturday night, I get to see her in real life this August!


English muffin + Peanut butter/ honey + Mango –pales in comparison to the ones freshly picked from the tree in our frontyard in Hawaii

I went to Body Combat after breakfast, I missed it last week and kick/punch/screamed my face off. My mom and I went grocery shopping immediately after. We are polar opposites when it comes to grocery shopping. She is fast and efficient and I like to browse, read and find new things.

Midway through putting the groceries away (worst. task. ever.) I could not ignore my stomach or plummeting blood sugar any longer.

Romaine, Carrots, Tempeh, Tahini, Siracha, Feta + Half a cinnamon raisin bagel with whipped cream cheese. Post-grocery trip meals are the best

Out of excuses to justify my ignoring the tornado in my bedroom and mounds of dirty laundry, I dedicated this afternoon to regaining some sort of order in these areas. Sad times, happy music.

Dinner was steamed kale with dark amber honey and truffle oil, potato salad and tandoori chicken.



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