Backwards Monday

Dear Self,

Your gym pants aren’t uncomfortable because you ate too much gelato and drank too much wine in Hawaii. They’re uncomfortable because…

You’re doing it wrong.

Love, Self.

Ran to and from the gym with a leg workout in the middle this morning! I had to pull up my pants after each set of squats and didn’t realized my pants were backwards until I was about to hop into the shower. How. Embarrassing.


Green monster: Almond milk, coffee, frozen banana, spinach, cocoa powder, ice + Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter

Lunch was lettuce wraps stuffed with tuna [+olive oil mayo, dijon, chili flakes, garlic powder and pepper]

Side of cottage cheese and an ornje.

Back to work today! I work in a great part of town and you can tell it’s getting warm and sunny outside when all the customers become extra friendly from the Vitamin D! Looking forward to my third summer on the job : )

For dinner, I made an omelet with goats cheese and salsa verde, side of Portuguese tomato rice and simple wilted greens

Juggling watching LOST on Netflix, putting together a Hawaii album, and folding laundry. Multitasking at its finest. G’night!


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