Sunday in chambray

Hey, it’s Ina Garten

Right!?!? The hair is one thing but the chambray shirt just puts it over the top.

I decided to give cereal a second chance today. This time I mixed it into 2% greek yogurt and it stuck to my ribs for 6 hours. Through a Body Combat class and weights.

With heaps of berries (can’t get enough ! ) banana slices, cereal(s) and peanut butter Welcome to the breakfast rotation!

Like I said, I made it to the gym today, after a week of depending on walking and yoga for activity, it felt good to have a grunt-inducing workout for a change.

Showered and lunched on a salad beast of epic proportions.

Last night’s leftovers over romaine with lime juice and siracha

A few hours later I got hungry again and made a smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk and vanilla protein powder with hunks of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread on the side.

I know I’ve mentioned that I hate all protein powders but I think I have found one that I actually enjoy. It makes everything taste like vanilla ice cream and the real kicker is that it has been right under my nose. As in, I’ve been selling it to people at work for the past two years. This is the brand, it’s about as good as it gets ingredient-wise for whey protein.

After snacking I walked to the grocery store. I have a catering gig on Tuesday and needed to pick up some supplies.

Back at home there were turkey burgers on the grill! I quickly cut up some sweet potatoes and tore up a bunch of kale, coated both in the same coconut oil, granulated garlic, salt and herb mixture and threw them into the oven. 30 minutes for the sweet potatoes, 10 for the kale chips.

I piled my cobs bun high with olive oil mayo, siracha (addicted), lettuce, banana peppers, cheddar, sauerkraut and one of the burgers.

Any plans for Victoria Day, fellow Canadians??


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