Here, There, Everywhere. Also, Soup.

I think the weather makers in Calgary are confused. Alternating threats of rain and blasts of sunshine. WHAT DO I WEAR !?

Slept in and made a yogurt mess

Greek Yogurt, Rolled oats, trail mix (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and golden raisins) banana, honey and peanut butter.

Eaten with my favorite spoon that makes everything taste better. It’s science.

School: Research paper on psychoanalytic feminism, the male gaze and the portrayal of women in advertising. Boom.

Physical Activity: Body Combat, Quick weight sessions, Yoga (always) and walking everywhere because I’m too poor to buy a car. Also this:

Work: I like it a lot.

Social life: #FAIL. I’ve kind of become that friend who sucks at making time for her friends. Not cool, acknowledged and working on it.

I bought a day planner. I expect it to fix everything. Also, do you even realize how difficult it is to find a day planner half way through the year? Some people need some time to get their shit together.

I’m at this weird stage where I want to do everything and have no money or time to do any of it. Buy a car, move out, yoga teacher training, travel the universe NEW KITTEN. None of it is happening any time soon. Not cool, acknowledged and working on it.

After school snack

Cinnamon apple sauce, granola and almond butter. This is even better if you let it sit for a little while so the granola gets soggy. True story.

I went to hot yoga later in the evening and just finished the quickest dinner, let’s call it spicy Thai soup with shrimp and vermicelli.

Boiled vegetable broth and a splash of full fat coconut milk, threw in shrimp and lemon grass, garlic, ginger, sliced onions, diced tomato, siracha. Simmer while you shower off your yoga stank, throw in a handful of brown rice vermicelli and shrimp. Simmer for a few more minutes until cooked through and finish with a squirt of lime.

If I go to sleep RIGHT NOW I will be able to get 7 hours of sleep. This weekend is insane!


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