First of the month

Hey there

All of a sudden it’s Friday, and it’s June and I don’t even know what to do with any of this. It’s all just too much. I also need to rein in the melodrama. Melodramatics? Melodramaticisms. Yeah.

As far as I am concerned, there is only one remedy for spinach on its death-bed:

Sludge. Banana, Cocoa, Coconut flour, Vanilla protein, rolled oats, cashew butter, instant coffee, almond milk and spinach. I used to be of the opinion that smoothies would never keep me full but they do this strange rib-sticking, stomach coating thing and the only thing my stomach is empty of is GROWLS which I quite like when I’m doing my thing at work (Yoga Passage today) I’m getting into the groove of it and love talking to all of my teachers outside of the class.


I call this one, “MOM! we need to go grocery shopping!!!!” aka. Stale pita, ancient olive tapanade, leathery sun-dried tomatoes, the last of the hummus and questionable feta. Yum (?)


blueberries, pita chips and carmelized onion hummus. We went grocery shopping.

Then I crashed hard. Face first onto the pile of laundry on my bed for an hour of uninterrupted napping glory.

I did the whole ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ thing about working out and in the end I took a stroll to the gym for Zumba, shook my butt for an hour and walked home.

Dinner was broiled salmon, spinach and roasted potatoes topped off with a mini Haagen Daz bar.

Happy first of the month, kind folks. Do me a favour and have a GREAT weekend. I’ll be working my ass off but this is exactly what I wanted. : )


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