Feels like Wednesday.

Last night I was listening to Boyce Avenue, drinking tea and staring out my window at the thunder-storm and I couldn’t help but think “Man, I am such a cliché”

Weetabix, granola, cinnamon, sucanat, banana, blueberries, almond butter, almond milk

I’ll make this quick because I’m gunning for at least eight hours of shut-eye tonight. Today I walked to the gym in the sunshine, went to Body Combat for an hour, and walked home in the pouring rain. Calgary weather is stupid. I went to work for the afternoon and came home starved which usually results in BFD – Breakfast for dinner.

Ketchup/ Hummus/ Cheese Omelette, toast with butter, banana and peanut butter.

Vegetables, what?


2 thoughts on “Feels like Wednesday.

  1. Calgary weather is beyond stupid! You literally cannot dress in the morning. It is raining, you dress warm, and you sweat like crazy in the afternoon on your way home. OR the opposite–you go to yoga and it is hot, come out and it is so cold and you didn’t bring a jacket and you just did a hot class and you feel like you are gonna catch pneumonia. Though I do love the amount of sunshine here 😉

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