Do less. While it’s still an option.

I played a little mental catch up this morning. I skipped my planned 9:30 a.m. yoga class in favour of taking the morning to slowly enjoy breakfast, watch some TV, and read some articles for my research paper. Every single day of the next two weeks is booked morning to midnight so I’m going to enjoy any down time I can get.

Yogurt, banana, blueberries, granola, peanut butter

I had class from 12-3, followed by an appointment and then I parked it at Higher Ground Cafe to get some serious work done on my paper. I am so tired of reading about feminism! (does that make me a bad woman?)

After my brain and ovaries could take no more, I headed to Yoga Passage for a late, hot class — I do not recommend an iced Americano pre-hot yoga.

I’ll leave you with this song I have listened to 1000 times today

One thought on “Do less. While it’s still an option.

  1. I love leisurely mornings (I always have them, even if I have to be out the door by 6am)! They just make the day better 🙂 Mmm that bowl of granola/berries/yogurt looks delish!

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