Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hey there! My week was a bit ridiculous with last-minute paper writing, working, working and working. Things have finally slowed down and I’m bored out of my mind. What is thiiiis.

Last night I went to a family shin-dig and brought along an experiment that I had brewing in my head

Raw, vegan cookie dough ice cream sandwiches. This is what I day-dream about.

I used this recipe for the cookie dough mixture, it’s seriously ridiculous how good this stuff is. My dad even liked it and he’s not really one for my ‘weird hippie paste shit food’ His words, not mine.

The ice cream was a simple banana soft serve spiked with cream of coconut which I highly recommend. For six sandwiches, I used 1.5 frozen bananas and 1/4 c. coconut cream. It allowed me to assemble these babies and re-freeze them without the banana soft serve going too icy.

I used a muffin pan to mould the sandwiches, stuck them in the freezer and let them defrost slightly in the fridge before popping them out and serving.


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