Crazy Sexy Month

I mentioned that this next month will be straight work work work. But I’m adamant about squeezing in some daily play. I have the tendency to hermit when things get busy but sometimes I like to remind myself that I’m twenty years old and being responsible is nice and all but there’s more to life than to-do lists and alarm clocks.

It was my lovely Natradee friends birthday on Wednesday and we went to Double Zero Pizza for dinner.

The table ordered a bunch of their pizzas and shared. I’ve gotten into the habit of going out and enjoying a glass of wine on Wednesdays. Completely by accident but it’s a great way to celebrate the week being half over!

Eats from the week

Standard yogurt mess. So much delicious fruit. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


Peanut butter and banana or Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread with cherries. I am going to turn into a cherry.

Omelette stuffed with butternut squash, carmelized onion hummus, and brie. So out of season but so, so good.

The other night I was desperate for ice cream but we didn’t have any in the house. So I made a protein shake and put sprinkles in it.

Not the same thing, I realize.

The other night I was out with my friend Torrie, and while catching up, we decided to embark upon The Crazy, Sexy Diet (while chowing on nachos and beer, no less)

My intentions are pure. It has nothing to do with losing weight. I simply want to clean up my meals and get back to more ‘real food’, cut back on meat (the CSD is vegan) and feel sparkly-er (totally a word). Summer comes with fun beverages and food, which I am happy to enjoy, but whether I like it or not, it has a huge effect on my energy levels and does not do much for my wimpy stomach. I mentioned it to my parents and they hilariously jumped on board, which will make things much easier and more fun. More to come! Over and out.


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